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Tip Sheet

6 Important Tips For Selecting A Wig
(If you are a woman experiencing hair loss)

If you are experiencing hair loss due to medical reasons, you have enough on your mind without having to worry about how you look. The good news is - there has never been more wigs to choose from than now.

To help make sure you make the right choice the first time - and to avoid some common mistakes, follow the tips presented here.

TIP #1: Purchase your wig (if applicable) before you experience major hair loss.

TIP #2: Purchase your wig at a salon that specializes in hair replacement (not through the mail or over the Internet).
Reason: A wig that appears to be stunning on a model - can look like a fur hat on you. The first step in the wig buying process is to view, first hand, all the available colors, blends, cap sizes, styles, and hair textures with a professional who is familiar with all the major manufacturers.
When you purchase your wig through the mail - you are generally stuck with it - no matter how awful it is.

TIP #3: Ask about private rooms for fittings. You will feel more comfortable.

TIP #4: Buy a synthetic wig or synthetic/human blend rather than 100% human hair.

Reason: With today's advanced fibers and color blends, synthetic wigs feel and look more natural than human hair wigs, are less expensive and far easier to maintain.

TIP #5: Do not overpay. The best synthetic wigs on the market should cost you no more than $500; and some as low as $100. The highest quality human hair wigs shouldn't run you more than $900 - at the very most.

TIP #6: Work with professionals who specialize in cutting and styling wigs and who are recognized by leading medical institutions.

Reason: Cutting and styling a wig is different than cutting and styling hair. Because professional wig styling is not a common profession, most medical facilities in the position of recommending hair replacement therapy know who to recommend.

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